What Kinds Of Services Should You Put In Your Managed IT Package?

Managed IT services help a business owner to focus on managing the business without the trouble of drilling down into the IT operations. A managed IT service provider becomes responsible for the monitoring, managing, troubleshooting, and problem solving related to mutually-agreed-upon IT systems and IT operations.  The choice of IT services lets you choose the most cost-effective and reliable IT package for your business. Here are the IT services that you should consider for the managed IT package: [Read More]

3 Ways To Optimize Streaming Performance For Pro-Wrestling Videos

Pro-wrestling fans now have a ton of access to streaming services. From live digital pay-per-views for companies like Ring of Honor to a full backlog of programming on the WWE Network, pro-wrestling fans can enjoy hours of digital content on a daily basis. Instead of dealing with lags, long loading times, or buffering, there are three ways to optimize the digital streaming of wrestling content. Using these tips can help you enjoy the videos in the best quality possible. [Read More]

4 Ways That Data Centers Prevent Downtime

There are multiple benefits to using a data center for server hosting, but one is that you can enjoy drastically reduced downtimes. These are a few ways that data centers maximize uptimes for business customers like you. 1. Constantly Monitoring Servers In your office, you probably do not have time to monitor your servers all the time. Even if you have a dedicated IT team on your staff, these staff members probably go home and forget all about your servers until the next work day. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use A Colocation Facility Instead Of An Onsite Data Room

Do you own or run a business that has a significant level of data needs? Are you trying to decide the best way to manage the servers, routers, cables, and other data-related hardware? Many businesses choose to host all this equipment onsite in a dedicated data room in their building. They may do this because they feel it gives them more control over the hardware and any data or connectivity issues that arise. [Read More]