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Why It's Worth Renting Your Equipment From Your Internet Service Provider

Are you currently shopping around for internet service and you are being asked if you want to rent your equipment or provide your own for the modem? If so, here are some reasons why it is worth renting the equipment. 

Better Equipment

Know that all modems and routers are not created equally. While you may think that you can save money by purchasing a cheap modem, it is likely that the modem that you will get from your internet service provider will be far better. For example, if you are getting 1-gigabit internet service then you will need a minimum of a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. That cheap modem you have been looking at may not support the speeds that you are paying for.

Built-In Router

Many modems from your internet service provider also include a built-in router for a WiFi connection. This means that you have one less piece of equipment to maintain for working internet service in your home. Even when you buy a modem, many require that you buy an additional router as well so that you can get that WiFi connection everywhere. 

Home Phone Service

If you have any interest in having home phone service through your internet service provider, then you will need to rent the equipment. This is because the modems that you buy at the store are not equipped to handle the home phone service that you are subscribing to, which is built into the modem. You may be surprised to learn that renting the modem is a requirement to get a wired phone line

Remote Diagnostic

Your internet service provider is not able to remotely access your equipment and perform a proper diagnostic when you own your own equipment. By using the provided equipment, the internet provider will be able to tell what is wrong, perform resets, and even potentially change settings remotely to help you out. 

Free Tech Visits

One of the pitfalls of owning your own equipment is that you are responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining it. If you run into a problem with your internet where things are not working, it is likely that the internet service provider will charge you for a service call if the problem is discovered to be the equipment that you own. When you are renting equipment, you do not get charged if it is discovered that the modem is the faulty component of your system. 

Call an internet provider if you have any questions about home internet services