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Four Reasons Why On-Demand Programming Is Great For Kids

On-demand television programming is all about watching the shows you want to watch, but most importantly — doing so on your terms. However, this type of programming is also a great way to monitor the type of content watched, especially when it comes to your children. Learn how adding the on-demand feature to your television package can help you control your child's viewing practices easily.

Rated Content

With on-demand programming, you know exactly what your children are watching. With traditional TV, a child can quickly turn the channel and land on a program that is not age-appropriate. With on-demand, you don't have to worry about this type of issue. With some systems, you can even password protect content with specific ratings, so that your child can freely browse the catalog, but only watch the programs you have approved, which can give you some relief. 

Expanding Catalog

Children get bored and want to move on to the next thing quite quickly. So, if you're worried that your child might get bored with the available on-demand programs, don't be. A great thing about this feature is that it's ever evolving with new episodes, new shows, and sometimes entire new networks being added to the system. With an ever-expanding catalog, your child will be able to find something he or she enjoys all the time. 

Portability Features

Life is busy, so if your family is like the average one, you're always on the go. An awesome thing about on-demand is that it can be supported by any Wi-Fi or smartphone network, not just a cable box. The portability of this feature allows your child to watch programs from the car, while on vacation, or anywhere else. You're paying for service for your home, but in return, it's like you're getting service for everywhere you go. 

Less Screen Time

Some on-demand programs play without commercials. If you're a parent who wants to cut back on your child's screen time, this feature is great. Sure, commercials might only make up about 5 minutes of a standard 30-minute program, but if your child watches one commercial-free program a week, you can cut down their screen time for the week by nearly 40 minutes. Not to mention, if you're watching an educational program, the absence of commercials can keep your child more focused. 

With on-demand, you can protect your child. Make sure you don't overlook the benefit this feature can bring you.