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Three Optimal Locations For Your Wi-Fi Router

When people set up their home internet, they're often so preoccupied with the ability to get online that they aren't putting much thought into the quality of their Wi-Fi signal. While an enhanced home internet package from your local internet service provider can offer fast download and upload speeds, the position of your Wi-Fi router within your home can also have an impact. Don't just set up the router in the first spot that you think about; instead, here are three optimal locations for it.

On A Fireplace Mantle

One of your goals when setting up your Wi-Fi router is to have it positioned in a central location. If it's isolated in one area of your home — perhaps in the basement or in an upstairs office — the signal may be weak in distant areas of the home. A good spot for the router is on your fireplace mantel. Peoples' fireplaces are typically on the ground floor of their homes, so this central location is suitable. Additionally, the elevated position of the mantle can help your signal strength, and keeping it off the floor can prevent damage and dust exposure.

On Your Entertainment Center

Another valid place to think about positioning your Wi-Fi router is on your entertainment center. Although some families have multiple TVs in different locations throughout their homes, it's common to have a large entertainment center in the living room. This satisfies the idea of situating the router on the ground floor, but there are other advantages to having it close to your TV. If you're an avid streamer of videos, you can count on the signal strength being strong enough that it won't buffer when you're watching something. Additionally, because you likely have a surge protector on your TV, you'll have no shortage of outlets into which you can plug the router.

On Your Fridge

The kitchen can be another worthwhile place to set up your home network's Wi-Fi router. Kitchens are virtually always central within the home, which is ideal, and the height of the fridge both protects the router and allows for a strong signal. Additionally, since you likely spend a lot of your time in or near the kitchen, you'll find the router to be in a convenient location when you occasionally need to reboot it. This is more favorable than having to go down to the basement and root around under a desk to reboot the router, for example.