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3 Ways To Optimize Streaming Performance For Pro-Wrestling Videos

Pro-wrestling fans now have a ton of access to streaming services. From live digital pay-per-views for companies like Ring of Honor to a full backlog of programming on the WWE Network, pro-wrestling fans can enjoy hours of digital content on a daily basis. Instead of dealing with lags, long loading times, or buffering, there are three ways to optimize the digital streaming of wrestling content. Using these tips can help you enjoy the videos in the best quality possible.

High Speed Internet Service

The first step in achieving optimal internet speed is by ensuring that you have high speed internet service. Increasing your internet speed will help video content load faster and allow you to stream in high-definition quality. Internet speed is measured in megabytes per second, or Mbps. The average speed in the United States is 12.6 Mbps. Many video services operate using this average speed to ensure that the videos play smoothly. By increasing your high speed internet service above the average, you can ensure that the videos continuously run smoothly and there are no glitches along the way. Look for packages that include speeds of 15 Mbps or higher. This can also help you while loading multiple videos in different tabs on a service like YouTube.

Direct LAN Connections

Along with high speed internet, you can get the most out of that speed by using a direct LAN connection to your streaming device. A direct corded connection to a computer, streaming box, or video game console can provide a more stable connection to wrestling video services instead of using Wi-Fi. You can have constant data streaming data to the devices and avoid any interferences from walls or other Wi-Fi devices.

A direct LAN connection is also ideal for viewing live wrestling streaming events. You can avoid missing any key parts of a wrestling event, including high impact moves or match endings.

Other Wireless Devices

Even with high internet speeds, you can run into problems when too many devices are connected on the same network. Avoid any delays or lower quality live streams of wrestling events by shutting down or disabling other wireless devices. In a single home, there are many devices that can take up connection speeds. Aside from your main wrestling streaming platform, shut off other Wi-Fi enabled televisions, printers, tablets, and computers that may be eating up connections. Downloads like game updates or digital movie files can also eat up internet speed. Reducing the number of connections can give a majority of speed to the wrestling streaming service.

By planning ahead, you can avoid any hassles when it comes time to enjoy your favorite pro-wrestling events.

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